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Dog Grooming


Welcome to our Dog Grooming page.

He you will find out what services we can provide for your pup!


Outwood Salon

At our recently opened salon in Outwood we have two full time Groomers, Leanne and Sophia.

They are both extremely motivated and passionate about their profession and will always welcome you with a huge smile.

Dog Grooming Services and Prices

Puppy Grooming

  • Puppy’s 1st Bath – £19.50
  • Puppy’s 1st Groom – £22- subject to size

The most important Groom in a dogs life is their first! 

We make sure that this experience is Positive, Safe and Fun. 

Full Grooms

  • Extra Small Breed – £32.50
  • Small Breed – £37
  • Medium Breed – £42
  • Large Breed – £27 per hour

This service includes, Luxurious Wash with our premium shampoo range, Blow Dry, Optional Hygiene trim, Ear cleanse, Show or Pet standard Groom and spritzed with our signature cologne! Each Dog receives a free Doggy Bandana or Bow! 

All Full Grooms will now receive a FREE Nail Clip and Pawdicure!  

Bath & Blow Dry

  • Small Breed – £19.50
  • Medium Breed – £24.50
  • Large Breed – £29.50

Luxurious Bath with our Premium shampoo range, Optional exfoliation, Ear cleanse, Blow dry and finished with a spritz of Cologne.

All Bath and Blow drys will now receive a FREE Nail Clip!

Other Services

  • Nail Clipping – £2.50
  • Luxury Mud Treatment – £9.50 (This can only be used with a full groom or Bath and blow dry)
  • Flea Bath – £9.50
  • Creative Grooming (colouring) – Prices vary
  • Emmi Pet Teeth Cleaning – £ TBC

If you require more information regarding our services please contact us on : 07731717450.

We are here

552 Leeds Road
WF1 2dx
Phone: 07731717450


Mon-Fri :
salon closed on weekends and bank holidays

Rothwell Salon

Our Rothwell branch is where it all began! We now use this Salon to cater for those customers who cant make the opening hours of our Outwood Salon. 

Bookings for Rothwell are limited and booking in advance is crucial to ensure you can get a appointment that suits you. 

We are here

Muddy Pawz
Willans Avenue
Phone: 07731717450


Weekends can be booked in advance

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